Geographic Names

Zachary Stauber, Chair

Zachary Stauber represents New Mexico as the recognized state geographic names authority, since NMGIC’s Geographic Names Committee is New Mexico’s official state geographic names board. The Council of Geographic Names Authorities is an independent non-profit organization made up of the official geographic names authorities in the United States. It was organized by the dedicated professionals representing the official state geographic names boards, committees, and councils in conjunction with the United States Board on Geographic Names (US-BGN, part of the US Geological Survey). A primary goal of the COGNA is to seek ways in promoting the national standardization of the names of geographic features within the United States.In 1977, a group of representatives from the Rocky Mountain States came together to discuss geographic naming problems and issues. Today in cooperation with the US-BGN the Council makes recommendations on refining the principles, policies, and procedures in assigning or authorizing the names of geographic features within the United States. The Council encourages cooperation among federal and state agencies that have responsibilities for maintaining data bases of names for geographic features and/or cultural entities as mandated by the US-BGN. The Council seeks ways to make the information available to governmental agencies, public and private enterprises, and the general public.

Through its annual conference the COGNA provides a professional and educational forum for the presentation of scholarly papers, workshops, and panel discussions on issues involving geographical names. The Council may take appropriate actions or make recommendations to the US-BGN concerning the names of geographic features in the United States. Mr. Stauber makes recommendations to COGNA and the US-BGN on New Mexico’s behalf when geographic name issues arise.

Past chairs of the NM Geographic Names Committee include Bob Julyard.

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