Board of Directors

Scott Gunn, President
GIS Programmer Analyst
Office of Contract Archeology, UNM

Brian Keller, Vice President
GIT Manager
Earth Data Analysis Center, UNM

Kerri Mich, Treasurer
NRCS-New Mexico
Phone: 505-761-4437

Melo King, Secretary
Cartographic Engineer
Smallmelo GIS, LLC

Kate Lenzer, Meeting Coordinator
GIS & Design Associate
Unique Places GIS & Design

Jason Hickerson, Speaker Coordinator
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Chris Lippitt, Workshop Coordinator
Associate Professor,
Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
University of New Mexico

Patti Dappen, Elections Coordinator
GIS/Remote Sensing Specialist
New Mexico Forest and Watershed Restoration Institute
New Mexico Highlands University

Sandeep Talasila, Public Relations
GIS Programmer Analyst
Earth Data Analysis Center, UNM

The NMGIC Board of Directors has nine members, elected by the NMGIC membership in the Fall of each year. The NMGIC Elections Committee conducts the elections.  Board members serve for two-year terms; these terms are staggered so that four Board members are elected in one year, followed by five members in the next year. Terms begin on January 1st of the following year; there are no term limits. Any NMGIC member who is a resident of the state of New Mexico is eligible for nomination to the Board.

Board roles (President, Workshop Coordinator, etc.) are determined during the yearly January Board Business Meeting. The position or role of President is voted upon by the current Board members. The President then works with the Board to assign the roles of Secretary and Treasurer, as well as filling the other positions.

To contact the NMGIC Board of Directors, please email