As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, NMGIC’s primary focus is on geospatial education, so many NMGIC activities are related to education, whether it be for the geospatial professional community, students, or the general public.

NMGIC provides two scholarships:

NMGIC is developing a resource for listing geospatial training offered in New Mexico, and is actively working with industry & governmental partners to create internship opportunities. The NMGIC Geospatial Education Committee is spearheading these efforts, in addition to developing curriculum guidelines and fostering collaboration with the NM education community – both K-12 and at the higher education level.

NMGIC was involved in supporting the New Mexico Geographic Bee, a state-level competition that culminates in the National Geographic Bee in Washington, D.C, till it’s cancellation in 2021.

NMGIC conducts two educational general membership meetings each year. The Spring Meeting is generally vendor-oriented, and features numerous demonstrations and exhibits of state-of-the-art technology. The Fall Meeting is typically devoted to the user community, with both experts and students alike presenting papers and poster sessions.

These meetings are free for NMGIC members, and are open to the general public (a small fee is charged to attend). NMGIC conducts and organizes various workshops on GIS, GPS, remote sensing & imaging, etc. The workshops are usually held in conjunction with the meetings, but can also occur independently. There is no charge to NMGIC members for attending most workshops, although sometimes for highly-technical / hands-on workshops, a nominal fee is charged to recoup expenses.