Pathways in Education and Careers

In 2013, NMGIC discussed having a conference to bring together industry, education, and students to discuss geospatial technology in the present and in the future. The project was referred to as “Pathways,” as in the pathways people take toward a career in a geospatial field. Amy Ballard of CNM and Leland Pierce, NMDGF, developed a survey identifying what resources for geospatial education are currently available as well as identifying current education and industry trends. The results of the survey are now available in the Pathways Education report. The document is not intended to be the final word on geospatial education and industry in the state of New Mexico but rather is intended to inform the NMGIC membership about education and industry in their fields. The plan is to have a second, more inclusive survey and report to generate support toward the overall goal of a conference.

Download the Pathways in Education and Careers Document