NMGIC is Seeking Nominations for the Board of Directors

Ready to Serve the GIS Community?
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Now you can get involved in the process!

NMGIC is seeking Nominations for the Board of Directors.

Self-Nominations are accepted and encouraged!

Nominees for the Board of Directors must be general NMGIC members in good standing; legal residents of the State of New Mexico; willing to serve at least two years; and supportive of NMGIC’s mission, goals, and objectives.

We are now accepting nominations (including self-nominations) for candidates to serve on New Mexico’s premier organization representing the geospatial community.
A nomination should include a brief bio (one or two paragraphs) to introduce the candidate to the general membership.

Please email nominee information to:
NMGIC Elections Coordinator, Theresa Watson, treewatson@gmail.com
Deadline: October 5th, 2018